About Us


Jo man is the best bridal makeup studio in town established in 2016 aiming at showing your Beautiful Side To the world.
We are different because we offer professional and distinguished service packages. It’s every girl’s dream to feel and look beautiful, stunning, and confident on her wedding day. With just some imagination and a little makeup, we will make your day amazing.

Jo Man makeup studio is a hub for bridal beauty and glamour. Are you planning for your wedding day? You might want to consider jo man studio if you want to make your day memorable and special. We offer special packages for brides like full body mask, full makeup including microblading eyebrow and eyelashes, morocco bath and so much more.



Our mission is to provide a professional makeup experience with a relaxing atmosphere and superior customer service at an affordable price.



We aspire to be the lead makeup artist in Ethiopia delivering quality and well deserved service for our esteemed customers.